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Worm Gears are very useful gear for different industries. Worm Gears are used when large gear reductions are required. Worm gear has a unique property of easily turning the gear. The gear cannot turn the Worm because the angle on the worm is shallow and when the Gears try to spin the worm, the friction between the two holds the worm in place.
Worm Gears work under difficult conditions, presenting unique lubrication demands. The types of oils most commonly used to lubricate Worm Gears are compounded mineral oils, EP mineral gear oils and synthetics.
Worm Gears are highly useful gears, which is more particularly used in the mining industry. These types of gears are normally placed in motors where large gear reductions are necessary. There are two components in this type of a gear, the worm or the screw and the worm gear or the worm wheel. Paragon Engineers is one of the finest Worm & Worm Gears Manufacturer. For all your gear needs, we are most willing to help.
Worm Gear can reduce the rotational speed of the motor to achieve a higher torque. However, it is not a reversible type of a gear. The motion flows through one direction alone. Reducing the speed is possible, but increasing the drive isn’t. However, power to the drive will be increased as the speed is reduced.
Worm Gears contain teeth that correspond to the shafts on the wheel. As the gear revolves, the shaft advances one tooth of the gear. The speed is reduced by the factor corresponding to the number of teeth the gear has. For an 20- tooth gear, the speed will be reduced by the factor of 20. The fewer teeth the worm gear has, the faster the movement of the motor will be. The rotation axis follows a 90- degree angle.
Raw Materials Used
  • M.S., C.I., PH. Bronze, Gun metal
Sizes Available
OD up to 36", Module up to 20
Special Features
Harden & Ground
  • Power transmission
Speed reduction  
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