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Helical Gears Parallel shaft application of helical gears result in smoother action than spur gears because the load is transferred uniformly and gradually as successive teeth come into play. They also reduce noise and vibration.
This gradual engagement makes helical gears operate much more smoothly and quietly than spur gears. For this reason, helical gears are used in almost all smooth drive.
Because of the angle of the teeth on helical gears, they create a thrust load on the gear when they mesh. Devices that use helical gears have bearings that can support this thrust load.
One interesting thing about helical gears is that if the angles of the gear teeth are correct, they can be mounted on perpendicular shafts, adjusting the rotation angle by 90 degrees.
It is this parallel shafting that ensures high speed and its application wherever Spur Gears are used. Helical Gears are highly recommended for all high speed and high load meshes. Helical gear is almost equal in quality to spurs excepting for the complication of their angle.
Raw Materials Used
  • M.S.
C.S. S.S. C.I.
  • EN-8, 9, 19, 24, 353, 36, 20 MnCr5 & SAE8620
Sizes Available
OD up to 180”, Module up to 30
Special Features
Harden & Ground
  • Power transmission
Speed reduction  
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